Escape Southend - Who Visits Escape Southend?

The type of people who visit Southend are a versatile bunch from all walks of life and we see a fair few of them here. Today, we’re talking about some of the most popular groups of people that come to Escape, so you can see for yourself the wide variety of visitors from across the board. 

Corporate teams.

We see a lot of corporate teams who visit Escape Southend to try out our games in order to identify much needed skills for their company. By identifying their team’s skills or weaknesses they can then provide relevant training. Much needed skills for Escape Games are problem-solving, logical and analytical and communication skills. All much-respected skills in the workplace which are valued by most companies. 


We see a lot of students who are eager to get away from their desks. What with studying, online essays and deadlines and academic papers, Escape Games are an ultimate ‘escape’ from the drudgery of endless reading and studying.  They come here with their peers and unwind for an hour, and it’s also a great opportunity to meet new students who’ve joined them, so they feel less alone. 


Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary or a driving test pass, people who visit here are often celebrating special events or milestones in their lives. It means a lot to them, so they’ll bring family and friends to celebrate those special moments. Sometimes it’ll be a hen or stag do, and on other days it might be a new job or buying a car. Whatever it is, Escape Games provide a really unique way of celebrating that event. 

First Dates.

We get people coming here for their first date with a new friend. They come here feeling quite shy but leave friendly and confident, having had the ideal opportunity to get to know their date. It’s better than dinner or a visit to the cinema as it’s less passive, and both people must be active and participatory in order to play the game. It’s a really great way to break the ice. 

Escape Southend – the best escapist fantasy.

Now you’ve seen who visits us here at Escape Southend we’re sure you’ll be eager to try us yourself. Booking a room is simple and easy and it doesn’t take long. Just take a look at our themed rooms and decide which one you prefer. Then once you’ve chosen, just pick up the phone or book online and then it’s done. Remember even if you don’t escape first time, there’s always a next time, because we love to see our players come back. 

Escape Southend - The Benefits of Team Building Activities

We’re going to look at the benefits of team building activities today because we see a lot of corporate teams bringing their people here for a game of Escape. There’s plenty of good reasons why people come here, especially corporate teams, and we’d like to talk about them with you, so you’ll have an idea of what to expect. 

Valuable time away from the office desk.

Organising an away day may seem like a waste of time, but it rarely is. It’s a perfect opportunity to gather all your teams together and get them out and about where they can enjoy the space between themselves and their office desk and where you get to identify who’s good at what. Yes, it sounds a little sneaky but team building activities are great for everyone, for you the team leader, and for your team themselves. 

They may think they know each other but they probably don’t.

They possibly may not know each other that well despite having worked together for several months or years. This is an ideal opportunity to break the ice and get to know each other, form new bonds that may serve them well in the future should they work on a project together. 

Identify hidden talents in your team.

It’s also an ideal opportunity to identify hidden talents so you can allocate any important roles to those individuals you think are best for the role. By getting them to take part in a team building exercise you’re going to be in a prime position to see who’s good at problem-solving, who has the best analytical and logical thinking, who shines at communicating and delegating what’s needed, who stays calm under pressure and who panics. 


Team-working is particularly important in any job, where people know how to get the best out of each other, who knows how to support and encourage each other and whether everyone’s able to demonstrate key skills in these areas. Are you a lone competitor or a you a team player, happy to cheer others or are you all about yourself? 

Escape Games Southend – get team building skills you’re looking for

We believe that the Escape Games we host here are one of the best team building exercises in the country. We see corporate teams bring their people here all the time and see how positive and upbeat they are once they’ve finished. We know that it fosters all the key skills you’re hoping to identify in your team such, as the ones we’ve already mentioned. But also consider other skills such as attention to detail, remembering key details of the game, inclusion, leadership and being able to explain a task or instruction to another team member without making it overly complex, or over-simplified. 

The Escape Room Game is all about thinking on your feet with a team of people searching for clues together, utilising each other’s skills so they can escape a locked room - and they’re up against the clock. It’s the ultimate challenge and the best and most original corporate team building game. Why not book a room today, either online or over the phone and see for yourself?

Escape Room Hints and Tips

Who wants hints and tips on getting out of the Escape Room? Well, we can imagine that would be anyone who’s going to be taking part in our Escape Games. We see a lot of people come and go, here at Escape Southend, and we see them ask themselves what it takes to get out of the room within the hour – and it’s not easy.

We like to help our teams out and make sure they have a brilliant time when they’re with us, and so we’ve compiled a few hints and tips we think may help you get out of the room within the allotted 60 minutes.

Team work

You’ll need to work as part of a team to get around successfully and find those all so carefully concealed clues. No squabbling, so don’t bring along people who you know you’re not going to get on with, or personality clashes may abound. No working in isolation, but you should be keeping lines of communication open at all times. Let people speak and have their say, don’t dominate, and you’ll be more likely to find the clues and get out within the hour.

Delegation is key

You’ll need a team leader, someone who’s good at delegating. This person won’t be looking for clues themselves but guiding everyone else in the team. They’ll be cheering people on and helping everyone to spot those all-important clues.

Have your eyes and ears peeled

You’ll need to look everywhere, and we mean absolutely everywhere. You’ll need to try looking up at door frames, under rugs and the chairs, and generally in places you wouldn’t normally think of. Clues won’t be sitting in an obvious place waiting to be found, they’ll be cleverly concealed in all sorts of deliciously unthought of places.

Keep the clues in one place unless you want to lose the clues AND the game

Yes, don’t dump them or toss them into a corner while you excitedly start looking for others, for the likelihood is you’ll lose one or even two of them, and then be unable to finish off the game. That means you lose. So, keep them all as you find them in one central place.

Escape Southend – for a new form of escapism you won’t forget

So, now you have some clues now on how to get around the Escape Room with a fighting chance of winning. We hope it helps, we think it will. Book your room online or over the phone, carefully picking your theme of choice. We’ll see you down here!