The Benefits of Brain Teasers & Puzzles

Today we’re talking about the benefits of brain teasers and puzzles and how they can help keep your mind sharp. Our escape games aren’t just for fun, they’re also for keeping your grey matter super fit, and they’re incredibly helpful at keeping your brain on form. Read on to find out why Escape Games Southend are of benefit to your gorgeous brain!

Great at Keeping Active

Brain teasers and puzzles are great at keeping active, but not just for your body, it’s also great for cognitive function too. They help keep your mind sharp and provide a relief from a diet of TV and computer screens. Of course, exercise and a healthy diet are incredibly important too, but taxing your brain with quizzes, puzzles and brain teasers can play their part too. It’s also a great way of spending some time away from home and with like-minded people, your friends and family.

Keep Your Mind Sharp

Any brain games are good for you mentally and help you to keep your mind sharp. It doesn’t always necessarily have to be our Escape Games either, although they’re obviously designed to get your brain working, it could be anything where you have to think hard and work things out, something with a particular level of difficulty. These problems could be solved in a lot of different ways, it could be using numbers, language or analytical problem-solving.

Promoting a Positive Mood

By keeping your brain active you could help stave off depression and low mood, and it’s helpful if you combine this with regular exercise too. Escape Games don’t offer a cure for dementia, but by keeping your brain active, you’re possibly helping to keep it at bay for longer. Rather than by doing repetitive work and sitting doing nothing more than stare at the TV, which requires no interaction from you, you’re becoming stale and bored.

There’s too much time to overthink and mull over things that haven’t gone well when you’re not doing much. By remaining active you are helping to keep yourself occupied and your brain healthy. Change what you do on a regular basis so your activities don’t become repetitive, swap tasks and you’ll be keeping your brain cells on their toes!

Escape Southend for the best way of keeping your brain cells guessing! Yes, come on down to Escape Southend and take part in the game that really tests your abilities. Find those well-hidden pesky clues, then work them out as a team, unlock them all using that sensational brain of yours and keep that serotonin flowing! Whether you work it all out in under an hour or not or fail just before the hour’s up – it’s the taking part that counts. Book your room online or by phone, we can’t wait to see you have the time of your life!