Escape From Your Studies

Being a student carries so much pressure, we know this because some of us have been students ourselves, and can understand and relate to the stress of student life. We believe that our Escape Rooms here at Southend are created to help a student reduce their stress and relieve the pain of constant study. 

It’s just such a brilliant way escape student life for just a little while, well for an hour at least. We see students come here and feel so much better than when they arrived. They come in looking tired and stressed, they leave looking and feeling happier. Southend Escape Games is the perfect solution to a heavy workload. 

What happens?

Well, you’re locked in a room with one hour to escape. Your room will have a theme, and you’ll need to find some clues and find out what they all mean – work them all out to escape. You’ll need to work as a team, so good communication is important, and by working together, the sooner you’ll get out. You may not be successful the first time, but you can come back as many times as you want, because there’s nothing we like better, than to see our customers come back over and over again. 

Students come back all the time and why not?

After all this is the best game and always a good way of forgetting about work. We see enough people coming in and returning and with new students on their next visit, so the enjoyment continues, it’s not always about the winning, it’s the taking part that counts. Once you’ve played the game with us, you’ll go back to your halls of residence feeling so much happier, so if you’re looking to feel less stressed, more relaxed and more cheerful, you need to come on down to Escape Southend and try it yourself. 

Escape Southend – for escapism of a different kind

So now you know what there is to do here, and that it’s a good way to escape from your studies, will you come and try it out for yourself? You’ll have a fantastic time and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you forget your deadlines while you are here. Book your Escape Games Room online or over the phone. Southend Escape can’t wait to see you!