Five Fantastic Team Building Activities

We’re going to be looking at five different team building activities this month for Escape Games Southend. If you’re the manager of a corporate team, then you may be looking for more team building activities (although of course we think ours is the best) and we’re here to help. We know that corporate teams get an awful lot from team building activities because they’re so robust at discovering individuals’ weaknesses and strengths. We’ve chosen five of the best, so take a look and have a think about which ones you think would be best for your team.

Would You Like Your Team to Be Put Through Their Paces?

Boot Camp will definitely do that with its fast-paced physical exercise and time constrained military type activities. They’re usually run by ex-army, so they know exactly what they’re doing, so you’re in safe hands! There’ll be some assault courses, and your team will either work together or against each other for a healthy bit of competition. Meanwhile, you’ll have a ringside seat to see who does well and who doesn’t, or perhaps you’ll be taking part alongside your team? Better make sure you’re able to keep up with them!

It’s a Knockout – That Great Old Favourite

Or possibly not, in fact you may not have even heard of it depending on how old you are. This is a game where you’ll get dirty and wet and quite possibly more exhausted than you’ve ever been before. You’ll need to be fit to take part and be able to keep up with this fast-paced game. If nothing else, it’s tremendous fun and you’ll get to see first-hand whether or not your team have what it takes – and also whether they have a sense of humour.

The Great Scavenger Hunt

This is for those that like a bit of a puzzle and a kind of treasure hunt. This will involve searching for and finding a selection of different items, or should we say scavenging rather than searching perhaps? You’ll collect some interesting items including some photographs perhaps and some other interesting artefacts from yesteryear, possibly stuff that will be all about your hometown or a particular landmark building in the town or city you live, and you know what? There may even be a prize, or it might be the case that you all go down the pub instead.

Sports Day

How about a simulation of the school sports day, although this might reduce some of you to tears at the mere though of donning your shorts and running around in the freezing cold. Compare it to the Olympics instead, and then you won’t suffer from hideous flashbacks. Have prizes and awards and then celebrate the end later with a makeshift ceremony – or a trip to the pub or back to the office. It all depends on how generous you’re feeling.

Escape Southend for Team Activities That Beat the Rest

So, there we are, we reach the fifth and final team building activity. How about participating in up to five Escape Rooms which are themed and furnished in your movie, game or book and then imagine being locked in. You’ll have an hour to find a series of clues and puzzles which you and your team will have to solve and find the key to escape within that time. Your team will have plenty of opportunity to use their problem-solving and analytical skills, refine their communication skills and display their delegation abilities. Why not book your room now, and you can do this online or over the phone and we’ll see both you and your team here at Southend?